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About Proteus

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Helping You Navigate The Use Of
Patient-Reported Outcomes In Trials And Practice

Understanding what matters to patients is fundamental to improving healthcare. To conduct high-quality clinical trials and provide truly patient-centered clinical care, it is critical to understand patients’ experience.

That is why it is valuable to obtain patients’ perspectives about their symptoms, functioning, and well-being using patient-reported outcomes (PROs). PROs are patients’ own reports of how they feel, function, live their lives, and survive.

How Proteus Can Help

The design, use, and interpretation of PROs remain unfamiliar to many researchers and clinicians. The PROTEUS Consortium (Patient-Reported Outcomes Tools, Engaging Users and Stakeholders) was created to provide guidance and help.

Optimal use of PROs does not have to be undertaken alone or without support. In fact, it’s normal – and advisable – to consult an expert colleague or use external resources along the way.

The PROTEUS Consortium provides curated resources, original tools, and other support to help you optimize the use of PROs in clinical trials and clinical practice and, ultimately, to inform better, more patient-centered care.

A Dual Focus On Trials And Practice

We invite you explore the PROTEUS website and to make use of the resources and tools provided here.

These resources are presented with two main sections – PROTEUS-Trials and PROTEUS-Practice – and can be found by visiting the relevant pages in those sections, or by searching the NAVIGATING PROTEUS resource library.

The PROTEUS Consortium is a distinguished international body that includes leading PRO researchers and representatives from key patient, clinician, research, health system, and regulatory groups. In all its work, The PROTEUS Consortium is committed to high-quality science and rigor, building international consensus, and sharing PROs for the good of science and patient care.

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