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The Proteus Website And Consortium

PROTEUS’s most immediate function is to curate, explain, and continue to build the collection of patient-reported outcome (PRO) resources and materials available on the PROTEUS website.

PROTEUS aims to promote better and more patient-centered care by supporting the best possible use of PROs in clinical trials (PROTEUS-Trials) and in clinical practice (PROTEUS-Practice).

All educational resources and tools on the PROTEUS website are carefully reviewed, non-commercial, and nonpartisan.

Roles Of The Proteus Consortium

The PROTEUS Consortium also plays an important role by continuing to build consensus about best practices, building the knowledge base, supporting and advocating wider and more effective uptake of PROs in trials and practice, mentoring and guiding colleagues in the use of PROs, and providing thought leadership to the field.

Proteus Website: Trials And Practice

Trialists and clinicians use PROs in markedly different ways, and the PROTEUS web site is continuing to evolve to meet these diverse needs.

The PROTEUS tools and materials are presented in two main sections – PROTEUS-Trials and PROTEUS-Practice. They can also be found by searching the NAVIGATING PROTEUS resource library.

On this website, you will find:

Key methodologic tools to help you understand the fundamentals and adhere to best practices of PRO design, analysis, reporting, interpretation, and application at each step in the process.
Original materials designed to support your process and workflow, including teaching videos by PROs experts, step-by-step checklists, and supplementary reading.

PROTEUS-Practice resources include users guides to implementing PROs in clinical practice and integrating them with the electronic health record, and will include talking tools for conveying the value of PROs to key stakeholders (e.g., patients, clinicians, administrators, staff).

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