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Welcome to our newly launched bi-monthly newsletter, PRO-cisely PROTEUS, which offers brief updates on resources to help you navigate the use of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials and clinical practice.

Archived Newsletters
6/21/2024 – What patients wish we knew… and tell us through PROMs
4/5/2024 – PRO Use of Maintenance Certification
2/21/2024 – Announcing a new RFP
12/13/2023 – PROTEUS Year in Review
10/18/2023 – PROTEUS Hits the Road
08/23/2023 – Three Successful Meetings
06/02/2023 – Launch of the PROTEUS Practice Guide
04/26/2023 – Announcing our Learning Health Initiative Projects
02/01/2023 – Announcing Two New Initiatives
12/14/2022 – PRO-cisely: The PROTEUS Consortium Newsletter
10/12/2022 – PRO-cisely: The PROTEUS Consortium Newsletter

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