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The PROTEUS-Practice Guide

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The PROTEUS Guide to Implementing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice: A Synthesis of Resources (the PROTEUS-Practice Guide) can help you design, implement, and manage patient-reported outcome (PRO) systems and related data in clinical care settings.

The information in the PROTEUS-Practice Guide applies in a broad range of environments, including solo and group practices, small clinics, inpatient and outpatient settings, and large integrated health systems.

For a brief summary of the Guide, check out this Correspondence in Nature Medicine

How to Use the Guide

Download a PDF of the entire PROTEUS-Practice Guide for a synthesis of information drawn from a range of foundational PRO practice resources.

Download the Guide

The PROTEUS-Practice Guide is organized into 16 chapters which span three key stages for using PROs in clinical practice: Design, Implementation, and System & Data Management.

Each chapter is excerpted and featured on its own dedicated webpage, with additional context and suggested resources.

To help you find the PRO tips you need, explore the webpages listed here by chapter title.

While individual-level patient data collected to inform that patient’s own care can be aggregated for use as real-world evidence, in quality assessment efforts, and in other ways, this Guide focuses primarily on the use of PROs in individual patient-clinician interactions (i.e., my clinician using my data to inform my own care).

Implementing PROs in Clinical Practice:

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We are grateful to the many PROTEUS Consortium members who participated in the development of this Guide. We especially thank the members of the Advisory Committee, listed below, who provided critical input regarding the structure and content. (For full bios on the Advisory Committee, please visit Appendix 1 in the PDF version of the Guide.)

Nicola Anderson, PhD, MSc
Judy Baumhauer, MD
Michael Brundage, MD MSc
Melanie Calvert, PhD
Norah Crossnohere, PhD
Rebecca Esparza
Christopher Gibbons, PhD
Sandi Gulbransen
Lotte Haverman, PhD
Yuchen Li, MD
Carolyn Petersen, MS, MBI
Ameeta Retzer
Claire Snyder, PhD
Angela Stover, PhD
Elissa Thorner, MSPH
Elliott Walker
Garrett Ursin
Galina Velikova, MD


The PROTEUS Consortium is funded through unrestricted support from Pfizer.

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