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Resources And Initiatives To Support Patient-Centered Care

To provide truly patient-centered care, it is necessary to understand patients’ experience. Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are patients’ own reports of how they feel, function, live their lives, and survive.

Using PROs in clinical practice enhances patient-clinician communication, improves problem detection and management, leads to greater efficiency, and produces better symptom control, quality of life, and even survival.

What’s In The PROTEUS-Practice Section

In the PROTEUS-Practice section, you’ll find curated resources to help you navigate the use of PROs in clinical practice. You’ll also find information on two PROTEUS-led initiatives that offer peer-to-peer learning and coaching.

To learn more about using PROs in clinical trials, please visit PROTEUS-Trials.

PROTEUS-Practice Resources

The PROTEUS Guide to Implementing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice covers design, implementation, and management of PRO systems in clinical care.

Learn more about the PROTEUS-Practice Guide.

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The PROTEUS Consortium is developing and sharing strategies for overcoming barriers and implementing PROs in a variety of clinical settings and communities.

Explore our two current PROTEUS-Practice initiatives.

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