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Implementing Pros In Clinical Practice: Design

When used in clinical practice, patient-reported outcomes (PROs) can enhance patient-clinician communication, improve problem detection and management, lead to greater efficiency, and produce better symptom control, quality of life, and survival.

The primary resource for PROTEUS-Practice is The PROTEUS-Practice Guide: A Synthesis of Resources for Implementing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice (The PROTEUS-Practice Guide).

What’s In This Section: Design

The Guide collates and synthesizes guidance from numerous foundational resources into a comprehensive document which spans three overarching stages of using PROs in practice: Design, Implementation, and System & Data Management.

At each step, the Guide provides a range of options rather than one “right” way. In almost all cases, the options are not mutually exclusive, and it is advisable to adopt multiple approaches.

This section – Design – offers five sub-sections. Each one features the relevant chapter from the Guide, plus additional context and resources for the following objectives.

Defining goals
Identifying, training, and engaging users and stakeholders
Identifying patients
Selecting PROs and PRO measures
Determining administration timing/frequency


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