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This article, in support of “Analyzing Data (Trials),” presents the SISAQOL recommendations for PRO analysis, as well as ongoing developments around these recommendations.

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Coens C, Pe M, Dueck AC, Sloan J, Basch E, Calvert M, Campbell A, Cleeland C, Cocks K, Collette L, Devlin N, Dorme L, Flechtner HH, Gotay C, Griebsch I, Groenvold M, King M, Kluetz PG, Koller M, Malone DC, Martinelli F, Mitchell SA, Musoro J, O’Connor D, Oliver K, Piault-Louis E, Piccart M, Quinten C, Reijneveld JC, Schürmann C, Smith AW, Soltys KM, Taphoorn M, Velikova G, Bottomley A. International standards for the analysis of quality of life and patient reported outcomes endpoints in cancer randomised controlled trials: Recommendations based on critical reviews of the literature and international multi-expert, multi-stakeholder collaborative process. The Lancet Oncology. 2020;21:e83-96.

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