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Cover of SPIRIT PRO Extension Explanation and Elaboration

This article, in support of “Developing Protocols (Trials),” provides information to promote understanding of the recommended SPIRIT-PRO items, including a comprehensive protocol template.

Citation Information
Calvert M, King M, Mercieca-Bebber R, Aiyegbusi O, Kyte D, Slade A, Chan AW, Basch E, Bell J, Bennett A, Bhatnagar V, Blazeby J, Bottomley A, Brown J, Brundage M, Campbell L, Cappelleri JC, Draper H, Dueck AC, Ells C, Frank L, Golub RM, Griebsch I, Haywood K, Hunn A, King-Kallimanis B, Martin L, Mitchell S, Morel T, Nelson L, Norquist J, O’Connor D, Palmer M, Patrick D, Price G, Regnault A, Retzer A, Revicki D, Scott J, Stephens R, Turner G, Valakas A, Velikova G, von Hildebrand M, Walker A, Wenzel L. SPIRIT-PRO Extension explanation and elaboration: guidelines for inclusion of patient-reported outcomes in protocols of clinical trials. BMJ Open. 2021 Jun 30;11(6):e045105. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-045105. PMID: 34193486; PMCID: PMC8246371.

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